Sunday, August 24, 2014

Avocado harvest

We have an old avocado tree in our back yard. It's been there for years and years and has almost given up on itself a few times. When we first moved in there were only a few leaves, and peeling bark, and dead branches. E trimmed it up and we've been giving it love and lots of water and we're thinking it's on the mend. The leaves grow only to one side because of the branches it lost, but if you look inside, tucked away in the big branches, you'll find the lovely green fruit.

We were out in the garden yesterday and were excited to see that they're full grown!  The funny thing we learned about this tree is that the avocados won't really ripen on their own. You have to pick them and ripen them in a brown bag.  They stay green, and their skins are thin, but they are silky and creamy and delicious. We picked 10 BIG avocados for now and there are still more to come.  So looking forward to guac and fresh avo on toast in the mornings!