Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Due Date!

Today's the day! It's been marked on my calendar since January and we've been counting down ever since. Every time I really think about it and realize that this is the last week of August, and here it is, and soon there's going to be a baby here and my belly won't be his home anymore, but he'll be in his room (or our room) and be a part of this family, it totally blows my mind. 

That being said, today is really just another day on the calendar, and Baby Boy has no idea how to tell time yet. He's not showing any signs of interest in coming out and joining us in celebration any time soon.  I'm happy to let him cook til he is ready, but I'd really like to meet him. I'd also really like to avoid discussions of inductions and c-sections at the next doctor's appointment.  Last week they said he'd had a growth spurt and was starting to measure a little on the big side (typical...he gets that from my side of the family and our big babies), so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll decide to make an appearance on his own before he gets too big!

So we're still waiting. Every time I get up from sitting I think, "maybe my water will break," and every time I feel my back start to ache or a pain under my belly I think, "maybe this is the first contraction." It's a trip not knowing what the heck your body is going to do and when, especially for someone who is typically really in tune with what her body is trying to say.  But, I guess that's just the first lesson in parenting and motherhood coming my way. 

As E pointed out to me last night, whether he comes tomorrow or he comes next week, it's all soon at this point. He'll be here soon.