Monday, October 20, 2014

Becoming that cliche

"Your life will never be the same after kids," "you won't be able to relate to your old friends anymore," "suddenly the most exciting thing in your day will be if your baby pooped and what color it was."  I've heard all sorts of things about what being a new parent would be like. People telling me how I would think and feel, what things would be interesting to me after my baby was born. I remember thinking they don't know me, that's not how it's going to be.  

And then I had my baby boy.

Flash forward... E and I are out for the first "big outing" with family and friends. We've run into an old friend we haven't seen in years. The niceties pass; the questions progress, "how's it going?," "what are you up to?," and "WOW, you have a baby!," and 5 minutes later I feel like I'm grasping at straws to fill in those awkward lulls that keep creeping up into our conversation.  E and I so badly want to say, "Our baby is smiling now when you tickle his neck!" and "he just LOVES staring at the blinds!" because these really are the things that make our day. I'd even slip in a "he hasn't pooped since Wednesday so we're expecting a blow out soon..." but I don't. We don't because we don't want to be THAT cliche couple that only talks about their baby. 

But that's who we are, I guess. That's all that's going on in our lives and it's just so good, that's all we really do want to talk about. We are THOSE people. I'm sorry if that means you'll want to avoid talking to us for a while. I'm sorry if you have trouble trying to relate. But really, I'm sorry that I'm not really sorry about it. I love being a mommy. We love being parents. And these moments are fleeting. I want to catch/remember/share every moment possible because each one is so precious. So I'm sorry (but not really) if you didn't want to know, but he did finally poop three days later, and it was the highlight of our day.