Thursday, October 9, 2014

One Month

 Before you have kids, you have some idea of how quickly time passes. It seems to speed up a little bit every year. When you do have kids, you finally understand what your parents meant when they would say, "time flies," because it really does. In it's own strange way, time passes quickly and still seems to drag on. What's that saying? The minutes last days and the days last minutes.  That person had kids.

Our little boy is one month old. I thank God that he's healthy and home with us now. I've been struggling to figure out what to blog about and struggling to actually find time to sit down at my computer for more than 2 minutes to actually type something.  I realized that the time passes too quickly to plan out the pinterest-perfect blog post. This is our life, our little boy.

At one month:
Arek is smiling when you tickle under his neck and brush a blanket over his face
He's eating like a champ and grew 3 lbs since his last appointment
He loves falling asleep in daddy's arms
His favorite song is the ABC's
His best friends are the blinds on the windows - he'll just stare and stare at them. Mesmerized
He holds up his head so well - we're all impressed with how strong he is.

We're so excited to keep watching him grow and soak up every minute of life with him. Because really, what was life like without him?