Monday, April 2, 2012

What's the buzz...Tell me what's happening...

Where have I been?!?

It's been too long since I've posted - I can feel it in me. The one thing I've noticed about blogging and getting back to my crafty roots is that it really, REALLY, helps me balance my life. It helps me de-stress and feel productive. I'm so fortunately to have a work schedule that allows me enough time to do the things I love on my days off. It's learning how to fill that time up with what makes me happy - crafts, family, etc - that make it so worth while. It even makes the days that I do go back to work that much better.

So where have I been this week? Last Monday started off with a marathon of 3-days in a row at work. If you're not a nurse, or you're not a shift-worker, this might not seem like a big deal. But three nights of 12 hours of running around, and in the case of my assignment for those three nights, a 12 hour feeding schedule for 4 babies. By 5am on my first night it was, "If I have to feed ONE MORE BABY!"....

I love my job, I do. I just don't love smelling like formula. So if there's no burping, spitting up, or spilling, it's all good. But it never happens like that. It's a good thing babies are so darn cute.

But I digress. So after three days, I spent most of Thursday (my first day off) asleep. I felt like I was getting sick, so I really spent time trying to rest. But I really needed fresh air too. So I got up for a 6 mile training walk at the Rose Bowl. My mama and I are training with a group of family and friends for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer this September (click the link to visit my walk site and find out more about why I walk and how you can help!). I'll be posting more on this throughout the next few weeks and months as we start getting heavy into the training for our 39.3 mile journey. We also did a training walk on Saturday in Santa Barbara. I decided to try out some motion settings on my PuddingCamera app.

I got to spend Friday with Eric, catching up with him and getting wedding-stuff taken care of. It was great just spending time with him - it's hard when you only get to see each other maybe once a week. And then throw planning a wedding on top of that! It's all part of the balancing game.

Then yesterday was Palm Sunday. Church was packed with people and vibrating with the energy of the day. We had family over after dinner, and then I was FINALLY able to watch Jesus Christ Superstar... because I'm the only one in the family who'd never seen it (now you get the title of this blog). And if you know  my family, you'll know this is very odd. So now I feel like part of the group, in with the in-crowd. What a great movie - and fantastic soundtrack. If you've never seen it - this is the week to watch it!

So that brings me to today. Monday. April 2. And the first day of "The M," an online photography class I am taking by Kara Haupt. I don't have a DSLR camera (yet!) but I'm excited to be learning more about the manual settings and what they mean, and especially about how to take some fabulous pictures. I think it might be a few days before I've gotten to absorb the info, but I'll be posting my stuff on here, so keep checking back.

That's it. I've rambled enough. I know it's been more of a journal entry than a blog, and you probably didn't need to know (and prolly didn't care to know) about my whole week, but whatever. Deal with it. :)

Off to go play with the camera.

Peace -