Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Missing photos = missing posts

I've officially allowed this photo-a-day project to take over my life here in the blog-o-sphere. My appologies for having been missing these last few days. As usually, I had a string of work days and weekends that flowed over with busy-ness, fun, and exhaustion. So to make up for lost picture taking, I took a photo walk the other day to snap to shots - and snap away I did. But because I strictly used my phone, and because there are so many (ok... like 20), I'm having so technical difficulties actually uploading them all off my phone, and being stubborn, I refuse to just plug my phone in to my computer, at least for now. 

So until then - whatever - life must go on, and I think my blog deserves a bit more attention than just photo-a-day shots, though I still want to finish up this challenge.   

Here's a preview of some photo walk pics - check out these giant fruits - honestly not sure if they are lemons or grapefruits, but they look deliciously juicy!