Friday, July 20, 2012



Not your every-day eye picture, eh?  These are custom design eye beads that my mom has made for her online jewelry business Pomegranate and Eye. To me, the eye symbol is common, something I am used to seeing, but if you aren't familiar with it, I suppose it can be a little odd, at first.

The eye bead, or "evil eye" is worn as protection against  the "evil eye" or someone's jealousy, bad vibes, etc. If you wear it, it's said to ward off the bad and bring you luck and protection.  We're not superstitious people, but we do wear the "eye" mostly for the tradition of it, for the extra luck if it's there, but MOSTLY because it looks cool. You can read more about the "eye" or "atchk" (as it's called in Armenian), jewelry, and my mama's fabulous business and life on her blog