Saturday, July 21, 2012

photo-a-day/21 and new project ideas

DAY 21 - 9'o-clock 

So nice to have a Saturday morning off and have time to relax at home with family. I have to go to work tonight, but one of the July goals was to learn to balance sleep. I'm not sure that I've figured that out yet, but I am still going to try! Learning to utilize the time off that I have to do things that makes me happy, makes going in to work a much happier experience. 

New project: The other day I was catching up on some blogs and found this blog post about decorating canvas notebooks from Little Green Notebook. It got me thinking about all the notebooks and journals I used to decorate for myself in high school, and about how much I love markers on textured, porous surfaces, and about how much I miss drawing and designing.   I pulled out and old (barely used) sketch book and my sharpies, and started working... just drawing and letting the colors bleed and fill up the covers. I loved it - absolutely relaxing. It's amazing how soothing it can be to just have a marker in my hand and go with it, not really thinking or planning, but having the ideas just flow all along. I'd love to do some more cover  designs...maybe it's a new potential project? Too bad our old Border's bookstore isn't still around with their giant $4.00 canvas journals for extra practice. But I definitely think this could have potential; in what way, I don't know, but I'm excited! 

I'm off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday morning. I'm here blogging, cleaning up the house, going shopping, and then off to bed for a nap before another night at work.