Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In My Life

Loving: Family time! I got to spend time with my dad and step-mom today over a nice lunch at this new place called "My Big Fat Greek Restaurant." DEEELISH!  We haven't been able to have our weekly dinners lately because my schedule has been so crazy, so it was really fun to get together. Then Mom and I got to meet up this evening to do a make-up trail at Sephora and test out what make-up we want to buy to use for the big day. We looked fab! We also got a TON of stuff checked off the ol' wedding to-do list - WOOT WOOT! Loving that as well!

Reading: I gave up on "Hedgehog". I'm sure it's a great book, but honestly, it's really wordy and takes a lot of mental energy to comprehend, and I am really not looking for that sort of book right now. So I went searching and just purchased a new book (on my nook) called "Tigers in Red Weather" by Liza Klaussmann. So far it's been very picturesque (being on page 3 and all...), and I'm diggin' it. 

Watching: Um...hello? "How I Met Your Mother," Duh.  I'm still watching and still into it. I feel like I have 5 new friends. So sad, I know. I'm on season 3 now and I loved watching Lilly and Marshall's wedding, and though I knew it was coming all along, I was sad when Robin and Ted broke up (again). But this show still makes me laugh out loud, even when I'm trying so hard to snuffle my laughs in the middle of the night when I can't sleep.  I also totally love watching "19 Kids and Counting." I think it's totally crazy that they have 19 kids, and that they're still totally OK with having more. But I am totally intrigued by their family values, their lifestyle, and the way they are so connected to each other and to their faith. I love keeping up with this family, and watching the kids get older (I love Jackson and Johanna!). And YES, I know all 19 of their "J" names!

Listening: to lots of love songs! E and I have to get stuff checked off of our wedding check list too, and one of those to-do's is to make a song list, and pick the song for our first dance. We've been thinking about it a lot, and listening to songs over and over. Hopefully we can come to a decision soon!

Thinking: about everything that we got done in the last week, and everything that there is left to do. Also thinking that I just survived 3 night shifts in a row this weekend without feeling like I was going to die afterward. It's actually getting much easier for me. Which is good because I am doing it again this weekend. 

Looking forward: to living each day to the fullest and enjoying these days leading up to the wedding. Just 38 days to go and that is going to FLY BY so quickly. All I want to do is enjoy it.