Friday, September 7, 2012

Midnight Snacks

Despite there being 30 days of lists for the 30 days of September, I'm not able to post every day. Also, I can see how the lists are more geared toward scrapbooking pages, but in the mean time, I 'm here to blog them. Whether they end up more list-y or more photo-y or just more blog-y, whatever. 
Midnight snacks are a big weakness of mine, especially working night shift. I start to get hungry again the closer we get to 12am, and then again at 5am on nights that I am working.  As you can see from this picture, my biggest weakness is sunflower seeds. My mom discovered this brand of seeds at the Armenian market, but they're actually from Mongolia, they are called ChaCha, and they are fabulous. I can sit here at the table, reading blogs, catching up on FB, or reading a book and a new pile of sunflower seeds will start up on one of the nearest magazines or napkins or pieces of paper. Here it was on this month's Anthropologie catalog. I could sit for hours eating these. They're also great for days at the beach, hikes, and road trips.

I also love a bit of ice cream, who doesn't? Or some fresh cut watermelon. Maybe a piece of chocolate. Not all at once, or in the same night, but whatever the mood calls for. OOOh! Or popcorn!!

When I'm at work, we usually have "tea time." It's a time of the night when we get together and have tea and snacks, usually around 2:00-2:30 AM.  Cookies, chips, and any sort or yummy munchie snack is welcome. Can you tell that it's really hard to "be good" on your diet when you work here?  It's true, but I wouldn't trade it, except to trade it for a day shift. And when I do switch, I will miss tea time so much.