Sunday, September 2, 2012

September Goals

  1. Healthy habits: getting enough sleep, getting enough exercise, training for the Avon Walk. 
  2. Go to Bar Method at least once a week: I bought a 10 class-pass two months ago and I've only been twice. Granted I got sick, but I need to be good and go! It's the first exercise class I've actually enjoyed.
  3. Break in my wedding shoes. They look fabulous and after the wedding I'll show them off on here, but for now I have to make sure that my feet are happy in them too!
  4. Figure out FOR SURE what to do with my hair: up, down, or sideways. Decisions, decisions...
  5. Manage stress through blogging. With 30days of lists, I'd LIKE to keep blogging daily, since there's a topic for each day. But realistically, that might not happen. As long as the blog is here, I'll turn to it for stress relief.  
  6. Get marriage license!! 41 days to the big one -gotta get these things done!
  7. Figure out WHAT, if anything, is going to be on top of our cake.
  8. Allow people to help and take charge, and learn to relinquish control. In the end, it's all going to be fabulous, I just need to not be such a control freak all the time. 
  9. Make a dentist appointment.  E told his dentist that he was getting married and the man threw in a free teeth whitening kit (with molds made of his teeth and everything!). I can't have his teeth be whiter than mine!
  10. Try to cook one new meal a week. In 41 days the cooking's on me, and there are definitely skills I need to brush up on, and the only way to make it happen is to try!
So there they are! Goals, goals, and more goals! Hopefully I'll get to stick to them, and run here for support when I start to fall off the horse!