Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving/We did it!

I know I'm a little late updating-wise, but yesterday was a day for recovery!  I hope you all had as lovely of a Thanksgiving as we did.

I came home from work and got straight into the kitchen to make us some breakfast, we ate watching bits of the Macy's parade and Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Then it was time to start cooking and cleaning. Thankfully E had set up most of everything while I was at work the night before, all the dishes were out and washed, we just needed to cook and fill them up! I kept saying "after this, I am going to take a quick nap," but honestly this second wind came from no where and I wasn't all that tired. That is until about 1:00 when I showered and finally let my body relax, and then I was zonked.  E let me sleep for a bit, but by 2:45 he needed my help and it was back up, supercharge with coffee and get back to it. Fortunately we had help not too long after that! 

Our families came with more food and helping hands. We would not have been able to pull this off without them pitching in to bring something, or helping out in the kitchen. But then, without them, we wouldn't be hosting Thanksgiving! In the end we did it. It was a wonderful night and everyone seemed to really have a good time and enjoy themselves and the company....and the FOOD!  I wish I had an "aftermath" photo to show you of our fridge fully stocked up with leftovers. YUM.

Getting married is a big adjustment, and a HUGE part of that adjustment is having new family, new traditions, and new changes that come along with the territory. This Thanksgiving we're so thankful for our families and their love, support, and patience. Their understanding and willingness to start this new Thanksgiving tradition at our place. Thank you!