Friday, December 6, 2013

in my life

Bringing back an old feature with a new look. The blog's gotten a little bit of a face lift - a new banner and background pattern, and I am playing around with my new Photoshop Elements 12 and loving it. I also learned how to download fonts and use them, so that's pretty fabulous. So here's a new "in my life" post. 

thinking / about what to wear for E's work Christmas party. I have a tulle skirt I haven't worn in a while that I want to make work / about how we're going to make Christmas festivities work this year - E has to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day :( / about all the projects I want to do and how to start doing them / that it's crazy that we only have 3 more soups to make

realizing / that it's December and Mother Nature decided to play along (it's freezing!!!) / that I still have a TON of Christmas shopping to do / that I really love just sitting in front of our Christmas tree and watching the lights twinkle 

excited / to see E's reaction to his birthday surprise / for the Christmas season despite the impending craziness / for a new year / to attempt clam chowder as one of our last soups

listening / to lots of Christmas carols / to Spotify - I just discovered it and I'm loving the "90's" station for it's mix of everything from the Spice Girls to Third Eye Blind and No Diggity / to Podcasts- I LOVE the JoyTheBaker podcast - it's tots maj 

eating / more leftovers than we can stand - somehow all our guests left without taking food! / tamales because tis the season and there's a little old woman who sells them at E's work and they're delish / too many cookies 

drinking / lots of hot tea - we even ordered some new flavors from David's Tea!

making / lists of all the family and friends to send Christmas cards to / a mess in the living room with all the boxes of Christmas stuff / lists and checking them twice / plans for the season / a very special gift for a friend

That's about all that's really happening.  Right now I am sitting in our office with my fingers feeling like icicles and trying to get myself up to do the laundry. All I want to do is curl up with my blanket and nap.