Friday, March 28, 2014

My Life - March

thinking about baby boy and girl names.  we have a few contenders, but this is serious business.

so excited to welcome my friend Stephanie's baby boy into the world this week. he's so sweet.

loving fresh squeezed orange juice and making lemonade one cup at a time. i'm craving tart yumminess.

remembering why i don't like painting my nails at home. just did them and my thumb is already crashed.

moving boxes from what will be baby's room and trying to figure out where to put everything that's been sitting in there for the last year and half.

resting with my Snoogle. definitely a pregnancy must-have for sleeping on your side.

embracing my growing belly. it's an adjustment, but i'm excited it's starting to look like a baby's in there now.

watching the final episodes of How I Met Your Mother. i'm really not sure what we're going to do when it's over, but i'm pretty positive i will cry during the finale on monday.

anticipating  my next craft project. it's most likely going to be something for baby, for baby's room, but i can't decide what it will be yet. 

sharing my finished baby quilt on the blog soon!

sitting at our kitchen table and so happy with how it turned out in this space. so glad we finally bit the bullet and bought something. 

getting ready for another baby shower this weekend! so amazed at how many babies are coming into our lives this year - and more amazed that mine is one of them!

writing letters to baby in a "dear baby" book I started the night we found out we were expecting. thrilled that my little one will have something to look back on just like the one i have!

amazed that March is almost over. how did that happen?

a little freaked out that we're almost at the 1/2 way point of this pregnancy!