Thursday, March 27, 2014


I'm sitting on our brand new kitchen table and writing this, feeling very much grown up because we have finally replaced the plastic picnic table with something that doesn't shake when I type.  The kitchen is definitely my favorite place in this house. That's me and baby enjoying this new space.

Since posting about our new addition, I've been going over blog posts in my head, deciding what to write about. And well, after announcing a baby in the works, blogging about other things just seemed so ... meh. I just couldn't get the words to flow out of me the same way. Not to mention that I've been super tired and dealing with some tired eyes as well, which makes sitting at the computer not-so-easy. But new glasses are on their way, and today has been my first duty-free day off in a while, so I've decided to embrace it and finally blog about something here.

Our baby is growing. Can you tell?  I am 18 weeks along now and I think I'm starting to feel him/her move around in there. I'm noticeably pregnant now, which means people actually ask about my pregnancy instead of just look at me awkwardly and wonder if I've put on weight (thank goodness, that was getting uncomfortable). I was lucky enough to avoid morning sickness (I think that's genetics working in my favor - my mom and grandma never got sick either), but this week the back pain and leg cramps have started up. I am hoping to get back into the swing of some pre-natal yoga. I tried it a few times and loved it until round ligament pain in the middle of it scared me out of doing more exercises. Now that I know what that pain feels like and where it's from, I'm a bit more open to the idea. Plus I think I need the de-stress/meditation part of it too. But all in all this pregnancy has been a fun ride. It's amazing watching my belly grow and change to fit the little human inside (that totally blows my mind!).

Other than baby growing, we're working on organizing our house and cleaning out what will be baby's room and making our office look a little less like a tornado hit. We also started working on our garden again, planting tomatoes, and hopefully some artichokes soon.  All of that takes a lot of work and energy, so it's a slow process. But hey, we got a new kitchen table, and I'm blogging again, so it seems like we're making good progress.

I keep wondering what direction this blog will go in. Will I focus on mommy-things? Will I keep crafting? I finally finished my quilt last week (more coming soon!) so I am waiting to figure out what my next project will be. I want to crochet, something, but maybe after we find out if it's a boy or a girl.

In the mean time, I hope to be back here soon, more posts with more energy that I am hoping will come back shortly. I think I need to catch up on a little more sleep.