Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My morning smoothie

These mornings I have been loving me a good smoothie. We've been using our nutri-bullet (like a magic bullet, but more nutritious) for quick morning breakfasts. Even though I'm just hanging around the house and don't need the "quick" part, I've been trying to have more fruits and eat healthier, and this has been the perfect start to my day. Not to mention it's super simple and in the end I only have 3 very easy to clean parts in my sink! My go-to recipe lately is one I made up and super yummy, I call it the Banana Berry smoothie (very original...). So here it is, in case you are so inclined to make one yourself.

The Banana Berry Smoothie:
*all measurements are approximate! Sorry!

-3/4 cup plain yogurt
-4 oz. chocolate almond milk (sweetened or unsweetened)
-1 whole banana
-1 cup frozen berry mix
-1/2 cup honey oat granola (or any granola)

Blend until smooth and enjoy!