Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Learning to sail

Texas was such a great experience, and in many ways I really feel like this conference was something I need to go to. Yes, presenting our poster was a great experience and an honor, and it was so exciting when we tied for first place (with our other manager's poster!) for the People's Choice Awards. There were so many nurses interested in our poster because moving to a new unit or facility and maintaining teamwork was something that they were faced with too. It made me realize that in this world of sick kids, and hospital buildings, we were totally not alone. I needed to know that, but more so, I needed to see it.

I needed the inspiration behind it all. It's not that I was feeling frustrated or tired of my job, not at all, but there are times when I've needed that little extra push, that little, "hey, remember, this is why you do this!" When you're in a room with a whole bunch of nurses from across the country and spanning generations and you hear them talk about working with pediatric nursing students to help them grow more, or how to stay motivated when days get rough, or how to prevent injuries and mistakes, I realized that every single person in that room knows exactly how I feel when I go into work. They know about the nerves, and the excitement, the confusion, frustration, happiness, anxiety, all of it. And they survived. 

When I go into work every night, I try to remember to not panic about anything, that there are other nurses there to help me out, and if I need them, they will be a resource. I try to remind myself that every night is a learning experience and that no matter what happens, it will help me become a better nurse.   There was a lady selling jewelry at the conference, each pendant has an image and a saying on it. I looked through so many without feeling a connection to any of them, until I saw this one, and then it all clicked.