Monday, April 2, 2012

The M - Day 1, part 2

I've been playing around with this all day - sparing time only for a fabulous massage - and here's a look at what else I've done. I've learned that at the right time of day, when the light is just so, you can take a good shot. Things aren't so easy inside, and I don't like any of the white balance settings. Not that I really know how they work.

I've also learned that I have no clue what I am doing, and while usually this would drive me nuts, I'm totally OK with it, and I love that. So here they are, feet and all, in their totally imperfect way.

I realize the size is a bit small, but in the large option, it takes over the whole page. Click the collage to see it up close!

I can't wait to start learning more, and be more aware of what I am doing. I realize now, that the rest of the week won't lend me too much time to work on taking pictures like today has, but I hope that I'll have enough energy to at least attempt something every day, and hopefully to blog about it, even on days when I'm working.  The week's schedule's looking pretty nice though, so here's hoping!