Monday, April 8, 2013


It's been a pretty busy week. I am adjusting to working the day shift and loving that I get to come home after a long day at work to dinner with my hubby. He even makes be delicious dinners ready when I walk in the door. I'm a lucky girl!  

Last week I played catch up with our 52 soup project and now, I'm catching up again, still working on last week's soup, but I have a delicious idea for this week's soup, courtesy of one of the many blogs I follow. More on that later.  

Now that I am working during the day, my days off aren't full of sleeping (although, today might be, I'm feeling a bit under the weather). I'm getting stuff done, cooking more, and spending more time with E when our day's off line up together. On Friday we decided to take our bikes for a ride at the beach. We rode from Huntington Beach to Newport, enjoyed some lunch and rode back. It was a lot of fun, and a good way for us to get outside, get exercise and still have a good time together. We really felt super good about it all... except that while I am usually covered in gobs of sunscreen, I only gobbed it on my face this time, leaving me with burnt shoulders, a burnt neck and chest, and burnt arms....even my hands are burnt! Not smart...not smart at all. Live and learn. Next bike ride (hopefully soon) I will be doused in block, no worries!

I also got a  chance to cook some more. If you follow me on FB or Instagram you know I posted some raw artichoke and asked for what to make. A friend posted this recipe and it was delicious. It took a lot of prep and a lot of work, but the end product was super tasty. I also used a lot of our Easter eggs to make egg salad sandwiches that we enjoyed on pretzel bread...yum! And our pizza! I almost forgot about the pizza! We finally got it right. The right dough consistency, the right thinness of the crust - It was our best pizza yet with sausage, shitake mushrooms, and olives... this one will go down in the books for a definite re-bake!

So today, I am taking it easy. I might make a trip to the market to make a new soup. Or I might just crash and fall back asleep. One thing about day shift is I am definitely not sleeping as much as I used to... which sounds weird, right? You'd think it would be opposite. But I was sleeping for about 50% of my days off, maybe even more. Now getting back to a regular schedule is awesome, but I think my body needs a little bit longer before I've completely adjusted. But it's been worth it! So so so worth it!

Anyway - until next time!