Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Getting around to decorating...

So we've been married almost 6 months now (WHAT!?) and we've been living in our home since the wedding night. While we've finally got some awesome couches, coffee table and an area rug in the living room, and the kitchen is pretty much complete (sans some wall decor), and we've established functional parts of the house, some with more decoration than others, we still really need to step it up decor-wise and maybe finally put up some pictures and wall art. 

We're getting ready to have some of our family and friends over to our house (finally) and I am hoping this forces us to get around to putting stuff up on the walls and maybe looking for some more furniture the fit our house needs.  So today, despite still feeling blah with a sore throat and a cloudy head, I'm going to try to straighten things up a bit. But before I get started with that, I am enjoying my cup of coffee and flipping through Pinterest and Etsy for some decorating ideas. Here's what I came across so far...

 We've been looking for the right wine rack, and I love that this displays the wine AND the wine glasses, which means we wouldn't have to keep our glasses up on the very top shelf in the kitchen. Plus I think this is a simple enough design that E might even be able to make it with the leftover wood from the previous flooring.

 I would really love to incorporate shelves that can house books, pictures, and maybe some trinkets or plants. I love that these are different and funky, but also uniform so they don't look too weird. 

I really want to put a corner shelf in the kitchen I can store our cookbooks and some more decorative kitchen appliances on then and open up some of the cupboard space. That way the cookbooks can be out and easy to grab too!

This is a cute cabinet, and while it doesn't match our home style, I really like the idea of having a colored/decorative backing to the shelf to give it more flare. 

 These shelves are a simple white and I think they'd work well in the living room. Our walls are almost a light mocha-cream color, so the white stands out in a cool way. I think that having simple shelves allows for you to add more to the shelf without it getting too crowded. 

I love love LOVE these honeycomb shelves, but I don't think E does. Actually, I know he doesn't, but I wanted to give them some credit here because they are so cool!

That's all for now. who knows what we will actually end up doing and if we'll end up getting it done soon or not, but hey, a girl can dream!