Monday, August 12, 2013


Alright, so if you've been following this blog for any length of time (OK, in this last year), you know that cooking has kind of taken over our live here in our home.  It was something we totally didn't see coming, but looking back, I don't know how we didn't. E and I have nights where we cook some elaborate dinner and then pick it apart. "It's good, but is it restaurant good?"  We have these off in the distance dreams of opening a restaurant, cafe, catering business, what have you, and how awesome it would be if we could just cook all day and watch people enjoy what we've made. Then we watch something like "Restaurant Impossible" and realize that these dreams are so much more work, but hey, when you're dreaming, you get to wear rose colored glasses.

In the meantime, we thought... let's blog. I mean, why not?  I'm already posting all our soups here (I know, I'm behind again...) but we do make so many other yummy things that we don't often get to share with you all. And really, that's the best part of cooking something delicious...sharing it.

SO.... welcome to the grapeleaf.  It's our kitchen table on the internet. It's where you can pull up a chair and be a part of the conversation while we chat over blistering tomatoes or fresh baked blueberry muffins.  We want to open up our kitchen to you and invite you over to dinner here.

Our first post is up, and while it ebbs on the side of partially cheesy we promise to bring you some delicious (sometimes cheesy) recipes and stories from the kitchen.

So pull up a chair and visit us at the grapeleaf.